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Commercial Services

• model homes
• commercial projects
• streetscapes
• parks
• erosion control
• hydroseeding

Some of our commercial projects include restaurants, condominium complexes, office buildings, and city property.

Recent clients include:
Silver Creek Residential Subdivision - Brownstown, MI

Trail Creek Residential/Condominium Community - Huron Township, MI

Hawthorne Ridge Residential Subdivision- Flatrock, MI

Big Bear Lodge Restaurant - Brownstown, MI

Pine Creek Ridge Condominium Community/Custom Residential Homes - Brighten MI

State of Michigan Schaefer Overpass - River Rouge, MI

Theodore Roosevelt High School Brick Courtyard/Engraved Pavers - Wyandotte, MI

Wyandotte Rowing Club Brick Pathway - Wyandotte, MI

Construction, the implementation of a design. Raupp Brothers excels in both commercial and residential projects using only the finest materials available from our suppliers. We use our array of equipment and state of the art construction techniques, along with our team of professional landscapers, to overcome the many challenges confronting us at any given site.

Communication and technical ability can make the difference in the success of your project whether it be large or small. At Raupp Brothers we take pride in the environment created by our plantings and knowing you will enjoy them over the years.

The quality of the landscape is a great factor in promoting business and company relations, as well as curb appeal to attract potential customers to your property.   A well maintained property shows your employees, customers and others that you care.

Landscape Design

Design is one of the most important aspects of any landscape. Raupp Brothers approaches every landscape design as an opportunity for our designers to interact with customers on a very personal level. We discuss the clients needs and desires, as well as respecting the site and surrounding natural environment.

It is our role to make sure the clients thoughts and vision about the job are addressed, as well as exposed to alternative ideas invoked by our designers. The designer will ensure that the client understands the importance of site work, grading, drainage, hardscape applications, plant material, and plant growth habitats. With Raupp Brothers experience in single family residential, commercial, and office/retail design, you will get all you desire.

Brick Pavers - Patios, Decks, Walkways

Instantly add character to your property with the timeless beauty of brick paving. The large selection of colors, shapes and patterns make brick pavers an attractive and durable alternative to concrete or asphalt. A well designed patio or deck integrates your home with the landscape, extends dining and entertainment areas, and becomes a focal point of family gatherings & outdoor living. 

Stone and brick patios are durable and carefree.  It is hard to beat the warmth and beauty that is possible with a custom designed brick patio. Paving brick is the most versatile of all the shapes. It can be installed in many different patterns and colors. Shapes and sizes vary from four to twelve inches wide. Color blends of brown, charcoal, limestone, grey, salmon, and red as well as special blends are available.

Retaining Walls

A perfect marriage of function and beauty.  Homes built on hillsides or steep lots, or with walk-out basements require some slope retaining.  This can be acheived with a dry-stack boulder wall, or with an architectural precast retaining wall.

Seeding & Soding

First impressions are always important. That's why first-rate sodding by Raupps Brothers can make your project look the best that it can. A lawn is typically the largest surface area in the yard, therefore lush lawn is a cornerstone of your design. We put in a thick layer of top soil to allow the sod to get rooted and regular watering and feeding every 6 weeks will keep your lawn beautiful.

Sprinkler Systems

Our sprinkler systems are fully automated and are designed to provide appropriate coverage while maximizing efficiency. All sod and planter areas are on separate valves to give each the appropriate water needed. The pop-ups and risers are all installed on swing joints to help eliminate breakage and give flexibility to movement of risers in the planters.

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